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Buddy Police HQ

Go to work!

—Buddy Police officers

The Buddy Police are a crime-fighting law enforcement agency that hand out Core Deck Cases to people who become Buddies with a buddy monster and begin Buddy Fighting, and protect the world from anyone who abuses the otherworldly powers of these cases and Monsters.

At first, the buddy police was a people's army honestly devoted to protecting people, however Sueroku Shido and Seiichi Nobari began sabotaging the Buddy Police under the excuse "putting the law above the safety of others", using position to keep the Buddy Police from investigating Disaster. Then they began to "confiscate" people's buddies as if they were property.

They also began putting more and more restrictions on their more capable personel like Tasuku and Commander I, ultimately firing both of them. It is later revealed that Sueroku and Seiichi in fact work for Kyoya to break Tasuku's sense of justice so he joins Disaster.

After finding out the truth, Commander I, Stella, Takihara, and Captain Answer devise a plan to find incriminating evidence to get rid of Nobari and Sueroku. While someone else had to take Answer's place and the evidence was destroyed, the plan was sucessful, Nobari was arrested, and order is restored to the Buddy Police.

After a hundred invaders arrive on Earth, the Buddy Police starts taking more young Buddyfighters as trainees to help combat the invaders. The recently recruited Tetsuya and Zanya.

After the whole planet has learned of Yamigedo's and the Hundred Demon's existence, Gao and the Buddy Police immediately find the rest of the Omni Lords. In order to defeat the Hundred Demons and Yamigedo.

List of Members

The Buddy Police with thier Buddies

The Buddy Police with their Buddy Monsters

Buddy Police Youth

List of Former Members

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