• HoshiNeko

    A Deck Building Question

    August 20, 2018 by HoshiNeko

    Hi, I'm HoshiNeko, I play a lot of CFV but I've off-and-on again dabbled with Buddyfight. I'm sure people have seen me comment at some point, but I felt it was appropriate to introduce myself because I never made a blog here before. I hope to get along with everyone.

    Now, I've got a question about deck building.  You know how the TDs, SDs, and Special Series decks tend to have about half or more of the cards as monsters? I was wondering why a lot of decklists I've seen on Freedomduo only have about 17 monsters.

    Is that good, is it reliable, I'm assuming most of them are using a ton of draw spells and searchers but it seems strange to me. Is that what decks should look like? I never really did much deck building and mostly played casual games…

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  • Kyledude788

    Hi, so I made my own custom archetype known as "Dragonborne". But, I put it in the fanon wikia since there's a lot of them.

    Feel free to check it out and give your opinion on it.

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  • Thuang14

    Hello, I am trying to build Caardians, and really, have no where to start. I have really never built a Superhero deck, and haven't played against one in a while. Please help, even if they are not that good or are straight up awful now, I would like help making a semi-workable deck. Thanks, and see you around the wiki~

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  • Thuang14

    Hi all, I wanted to give a simple deck-building challenge that is reminiscent of old Highlander Decks. (TreeTopDuelist's Trinity format in Yu-Gi-Oh was what made me ask this question). If you were to make a 32 card deck, Flag and Buddy Included, for any World, with the two rules being:

    1. That you may only have ONE OF EACH CARD in your deck (Mostly).

    2. You can have 4 of your Buddy.

    What would it be? Obviously, cards like Shadow Dragon could use multiple copies of itself, as if not it renders the entire deck useless. For the sake of customization, Menjo is not allowed as he is waaay stronger in this format. I'm still thinking of my own, but it would definitely revolve around Thunder Knights, with the buddy being Motivaed Halberd due to his m…

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  • TyrantRex

    After a very long hiatus I recently decided to get back into Buddyfight, partly because Wild Dragons had gotten some new stuff, partly to have something to do while waiting for V Tachikaze, but mainly because my locals were finally convinced to bring Buddyfight products. Last week the Ace TDs arrived and they sold way faster than the store expected, and since S-BT01 won't arrive until the end of the month and most people had nothing to update their TDs with we decided to have a "Use unmodified Trial Decks" tournament today.

    I played with the Astrodragon Trial Deck.

    First round I played against a guy who had never played before and bought the TD 10 minutes before starting the tournament so this was more or less a tutorial match. Surprisingly,…

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  • Thuang14

    Thunder Knights Deck

    August 11, 2018 by Thuang14

    Hello, I haven't played many Buddyfights with this deck, and truthfully I should do more before asking for advice, but here is a newer build for Thunder Knights. I understand that they probably are pretty bad by now, which is why I really need help with this deck, and it would be much appreciated if someone could give pointers with the new TK cards (and how many of each to run), and as well, any new generic dragon/armor dragon support that could be of use. I can't be bothered to check because I'm a lazy couch potato :C. With that in mind, here is the deck.

    Flag: Dragon World Buddy: Veteran Thunder Knights Leader, Kommandeur Fahne (Thinking of Changing it to Motivated Halberd because he comes out more often, but truthfully this doesn't matte…

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  • Thuang14

    Meta Decks?

    August 10, 2018 by Thuang14

    Hello, I recently (somewhat) got back into BuddyFight, and was wondering what the Meta Decks were, so that I can prepare against them and use them as well. (If Thunder Knights are even remotely there, please tell me, but I'm betting there not ;().

    Well, that's all for now. See you around the wiki!

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  • FutureKnightX

    Lost World Reveals

    August 9, 2018 by FutureKnightX

    So, a flyer promoting cards Lost World is getting in the upcoming Special Series (that English is getting as-is, by the way) and second booster set has been distributed! Credit to RyuuseiR3 for the image and translations!

    EDIT: Now that the cards have pages, I'll just leave this here for anyone who wants to discuss the reveals in a general manner, I guess.

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  • Dragonic Vargas

    Hi guys. Recently I've thought of a fanfiction idea focused on the story of a certain Omni Lord who became buddies with a boy who lived in Cho-tokyo while his mum, and only family, is overseas working. This dates back to just before the Gaen cup and replaces characters like Gao, Tasuku (for some of you please don't be mad, this is just an idea for my own version of the anime). The fanfiction would include a larger backstory to some of the characters, especially Kyoya (he will be different) but would venture more into the Harem genre as long as I up the age of characters and do some research about how things work in Japan.

    As this dates back to the events of the Gaen Cup, I had a few ideas on new buddies and tried to keep it balanced. I am n…

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  • Baru Drake

    As a ton of new changes are flowing down the road to absolute domination in OTK's from today's generation of decks... I wanted to post here at least a sign of some dying support to decks that may never yet see the light of day ever again.

    Abilities that literally introduced us to new Game Mechanics made me accept the harshness of reality even more. The new features introduced to us in Buddyfight Ace are G.Evo and D Share. I'm so very sorry for those who loves Astrodragons a lot, but... I just can't really sink it in my head that Galaxy F is even a new feature, as it only requires left & center monsters, and an item. Fairly common... but, for G.Evo and D Share, it's a different story. G.Evo, for me, I think, is a new feature, as it enables e…

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