• Edin the White Mage

    Hello everyone.

    It's I Edin again.

    I haven't been playing much buddyfight lately.

    However, I still highly enjoy the game and, hope to starting playing again.

    I see that Wizards aren't getting as much support as I expected.

    Though, I am glad that there is CHAOS Teo Lau, I think it's decent. 

    I have hope for the upcoming season that wizards will get something.

    I also plan on giving Plauge a try as, it seems quite strong at least for a magic world deck.

    I'll try to see if I can make a viable Wizard deck.

    But anyways, how are you all doing? :)

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  • SaiScott95

    I spent all morning working on BuddySpoiler and it paid off! We now have a functioning search bar on our site for those who just want to quickly search for a card name, or a series of similar card names or characters. We're one step closer to being the site we intended to be. Can't wait to get the next feature up after this!

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  • InvictusKris

    I've decided to leave my position as Admin.

    Some of you may not know me and that simple fact is part of the reasons I'm doing this.

    So to re-introduce myself, my name is InvictusKris.

    4 years ago (I think), I was a shadow user of the wiki, just simply watching people post and chat the days away without care. My friends got me into the game and, like most people who were newly introduced to something, you go to the wiki for it.

    After simply watching for many weeks and months, I finally got the confidence to make my first comment (a joke I made with one of the past admins I believe).

    From there, I just made post after post, specifically just to reach certain Wiki Badge Goals (one of the being making a post each day for a year, which I did).


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  • Crayons and Markers

    With New Support, I have made my new Mini Geargod Deck! Upgrade isn't necessary, but it still works.

    Flag & Buddy

    1x The Chaos

    1x ∞ Infinity the Chaos ∞

    1x Mini Geargod Rainbow


    3x All-mech Crystal Dragon, Jin Do Verta

    3x Mini Geargod Blue

    3x Mini Geargod Gold

    3x Mini Geargod Green

    4x Mini Geargod Orange

    4x Mini Geargod Rainbow

    1x Mini Geargod Silver

    3x Mini Geargod Yellow

    3x Mini Geargods Control Mech, Big Wisdom

    3x Remote Control Child Mech, Mini Geargod Black


    2x Black Autodeity's Awakening

    3x The CHAOS Upgrade

    3x Chaos Wall, Barrier of Havoc

    3x Chaos Gear

    3x Chaos Millennium

    3x Chaotic Pain

    3x Mini Geargods Factory

    Best Field: Infinity face up, Wisdom and Black on the Center, Rainbow on the right, call orange previously that turn, call green.


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  • Crayons and Markers

    Cause why the heck not!

    Flag & Buddy

    Danger World

    1x Destruction Weapon, Dragoon


    4x Destruction Weapon, Dragoon

    2x Firstaid-gollum

    3x Iron-Legs Casu-gollum

    2x Painful Needlefish-gollum

    3x Prehistoric Archae-gollum

    3x Steel-Beak Vul-gollum

    3x Sturdy-Horned Beetle-gollum

    3x Voracious Wolf-gollum


    3x Demon Slay Battle Aura "Bind"

    3x Emergency Fuel Supply

    2x Giant Cadaver Catapult

    3x Ground Alpha

    2x Raging Chained Strikes

    3x Stone Purge

    3x Where The Souls Fuse


    3x Cadaver Debris Palm

    2x Sandstorm​ Catena Palm


    3x Rock Crushing Style, Highblood Quake!

    A deck I've created focusing on Dragoon, effectively making a Size 1 Duel Golem deck. Works pretty well so far.

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    I have come to terms with how BuddyFight's anime mostly if not entirely exists to sell cards, but me being me, I'm unable to keep that in mind a hundred percent of the time, even with this most recent episode and how heavily it screamed, "you thought this card was cool? Well, sucks to be you with your opinions, because this card is even cooler and you should want this way more!"

    Because when I saw this episode, I saw a representation of the battle of social equity versus supremacism in it's most base form.

    Spoiler warnings to anyone who hasn't watched the 47th episode, by the way. I don't know how much I'll actually put in, as I'll be assuming that anyone reading past this line is aware of the plot of the 47th episode, but I'll put it up her…

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  • Mcb172

    Improved Flags?

    February 22, 2018 by Mcb172

    So, I have heard some people talking about a way to help stop the powercreep in buddyfight from making every game end on turn 2 by upgrading the main world flags. Not saying bushi will do this, but its just an idea.

    So, i decided why not have a discussion on what the flags would be and their abilities, since giving more life isn't always an option. (a Prism player with 15-20 life is a no no.) 

    I will be buffing the world flags, guardians and executioners, and ein and zwei, along with parade of hundred demons. 

    Lets start with those then. 

    Guardians- 12 life, 6 hand and 2-3 guage. 

    Executioners- 6 hand, 4 gauge, and 10 life. 

    Ein- 12 life, 5 hand, and 2 gauge

    Zwei- 5 hand, 20 life, and 2 gauge. 

    Parade of Hundred demons- Thunder mine can't be reduc…

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  • EHeroMatty

    Hello everyone. Today is Raijin's birthday and I just wanted to wish him a special day and hope he has a great day. Now, let's all wish him a happy birthday and such, everyone? what do you say?

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  • Mcb172

    Ok, this is going to be off the top of my head, so don't expect it to be super formal or structured. ^^. 

    Ok, so this theory was born during the battle in buddyfight X with gao vs kanata. When kanata was trying to finish gao, on his last turn thanks to asterism effect, and gao drew three dragon shields in a row to survive (Bushi's biggest Mary Sue everyone), Gao said that the fighter and deck are connected, and that "decks will always respond to our will". 

    At first it seems like mindless anime talk, but then I thought about it, and considered this theory. That buddyfight core deck cases essentially rig the players hand if they "believe in themselves", or as I like to think, have extreme willpower and determination. 

    Lets go over what we know…

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  • Crayons and Markers

    When Mini Geargods were first introduced, I was immediately interested, mostly to the design. With the support from "Worst Batzz Awakened," I made a semi-functional deck on them.

    1xThe Chaos

    1xMini Geargod Yellow

    4xMini Geargod Blue

    4xMini Geargod Control Machine, Big Wisdom

    4xMini Geargod Gold

    3xMini Geargod Green

    4xMini Geargod Orange

    2xMini Geargod Purple

    3xMini Geargod Silver

    4xMini Geargod Yellow

    3xAwakening of the Black Autodeity

    4xChaos Wall, Barrier of Havoc

    4xChaotic Pain

    3xMini Geargods Factory

    3xParasite Yggdrasil

    3xPopulation Reduction

    2xSunken Seabed Ruins

    So the best field for this deck would be to have a Blue on the right, any 2 crit Mini Geargod on the center along with Big Wisdom, and calling Orange to an empty circle, giving the center dou…

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