• Zoroark555


    August 21, 2017 by Zoroark555

    So after a long time of thinking it over, I will be quitting buddyfight.

    The game is becoming ridiculously fast, the anime is utter crap and anyone who says otherwise really needs to reconsider their thought process AND the prime offender, bushiroad's complete lack of competence when it comes to releasing english sets.

    Evolution and Mutation is a horribly designed set. I was looking forward to playing Purgatory Knights again but it'll be hard to do that when all the new support is in a giant jumbled mess. 

    Overturn is a ridiculous mechanic. While the mechanic itself isnt a big issue, The abilities that certain cards and decks gain from it are for lack of a better term...broken.

    I used to love this game but I just cant do it anymore...

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  • KrystalLBX

    Soon I will be posting customs of a size 3 deck where the monsters split into size 0s when defeated

    More info coming soon!

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  • Kuroxander

    (Before I get started, I know Dragon Knight isn’t meta or really relevant right now, but I really like the deck and I tested the deck out against decks that are strong currently like Thunder Empire and Chaos and the deck was able to win enough times or at the very least able to stand against them well enough. The reason I'm doing this blog post to to be able to share with you all the joy of playing the deck and potentially gives the attribute more fans.)

    Dragon Knight is an attribute exclusive to Dragon World that has been introduced since the early beginning of the game with BT01: Burning Valor, which was January 31 2014, about 3 and a half year ago. It has then been continually receiving support and the attribute currently is able to be b…

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  • RyuuseiR3

    Today. Starts at 13:30pm JST.


    Not much reveal this time.

    So, X-TD03 is not English exclusive lol.

    More info of BT and TD.

    Line Sticker. Not release yet.

    New season confirm in 2018. Maybe new protag will be in this season?

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  • John Bryan Ramon

    Pls. help again, the new buddyfight area 1.06 has arrived. i tried to download the full version but the results were the same as buddyfight area 1.05 i still could not use the test and connect option. pls. help

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  • Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Rorschach


    4 Shadow Lord of Black and White, Mukuro (Buddy)

    2 Shadow of Mukuro, Schwarz

    3 Inverted Cranium, Reverse Skull

    3 Gangster of Justice, Mukuro

    2 Schwarz "SD"

    2 Shadow Hero, Weiss

    2 Dull Wind, Vint

    4 Noble of Darkness, Killnight


    1 Schwarz, "Kugel XIII"

    1 Reverse Skull, "Guilty Wave"

    3 Infinity Death Crest!


    4 Sneak Judgement


    4 I've Seen Through Your Moves!

    4 First Darkhero Hideout

    4 Hyper Energy

    3 Damage Control

    2 This is My Fight

    2 Evil Esthetics

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    So... I was just supposed to be writing this for myself, but then I figured "People do stuff like this a lot, right? So why not try posting this and seeing how people will react, yeah? Yeah! Let's go for it!" So, after some editing happened, I bring to you a journal I wrote after I watched the 13th episode of Future Card BuddyFight X/Battsu!

    Also, note, it's not A LOT about the episode it's self, but more about what I saw, how I took it, and my thoughts on the characters after it. It's also got lots of spoilers, and is mostly just me rambling my thoughts out as they came to me so... Yeah.


    Eheheheh... ^^"

    Please be prepared for a little bit of drawn-out-ness here and there, and I'm sorry if some of it's confusing to you guys. ^^"


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  • Hundredth Omni Thunder Lord, Yamigedo

    Great Fiend, Yamigedo (3)

    Kokujo Yamigedo (3)

    Pisaro (3)

    Lindwurm (4)

    Harpy (2)

    Glasya Labolas (3)

    Hasted Evolution, Yamigedo (4) (Buddy)

    Count Dawn (1)

    Ghostly Spirit Yamigedo (2)

    Explosive Claw, Raiko (4)

    Gedo Shield (4)

    Yamitagae (4)

    Corrupted Fuchigami (3)

    Gedoshoki (3)

    Reinforced Formation (3)

    Cataclysmic Invasion (2)

    No-Brainer (2)

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  • John Bryan Ramon

    Why is it that when i downloaded the full version of the official Buddyfight Area 1.05 and extract it, i cannot use the log in option like it's just some sort of update or something. Anybody else have this problem?

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  • Kojiro Kojima

    Size 3: 4 Grangadez (Buddy) 3 Devilgadez 2 Gadelgoamer 1 Death Asmodai Size 0: 4 Eighth Omni Duel Dragon, Zubanell 3 Eighth Omni Duel Dragon, Speardos 1 Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn Items: 4 Eighth Omni Spear, Stormthrust 3 Infinite Armament, Dangerous Cradle 2 Hundred Demons' Spear, Onikuzushi Spells: 4 Battle Aura Circle 4 Bound Ruler Fist 4 Ritual of Deity Lord Descend 3 Burst Deity Calling Ritual 3 Dangerous REIZI 2 Amassed Spinning Aura 2 Super Strength Replenishment 2 Hazardous Boat

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