• Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Rorschach


    4 Shadow Lord of Black and White, Mukuro (Buddy)

    3 Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Mukuro

    2 Successor to the Lord, Mukuro

    2 Shadow of Mukuro, Schwarz

    3 Inverted Cranium, Reverse Skull

    3 Gangster of Justice, Mukuro

    2 Schwarz "SD"

    2 Shadow Hero, Weiss

    4 Noble of Darkness, Killnight


    1 Schwarz, "Kugel XIII"

    1 Reverse Skull, "Guilty Wave"

    3 Infinity Death Crest!


    4 I've Seen Through Your Moves!

    4 First Darkhero Hideout

    4 Hyper Energy

    4 Damage Control

    2 This is My Fight

    2 Evil Esthetics

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    So... I was just supposed to be writing this for myself, but then I figured "People do stuff like this a lot, right? So why not try posting this and seeing how people will react, yeah? Yeah! Let's go for it!" So, after some editing happened, I bring to you a journal I wrote after I watched the 13th episode of Future Card BuddyFight X/Battsu!

    Also, note, it's not A LOT about the episode it's self, but more about what I saw, how I took it, and my thoughts on the characters after it. It's also got lots of spoilers, and is mostly just me rambling my thoughts out as they came to me so... Yeah.


    Eheheheh... ^^"

    Please be prepared for a little bit of drawn-out-ness here and there, and I'm sorry if some of it's confusing to you guys. ^^"


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  • Hundredth Omni Thunder Lord, Yamigedo

    Great Fiend, Yamigedo (3)

    Kokujo Yamigedo (3)

    Pisaro (3)

    Lindwurm (4)

    Harpy (2)

    Glasya Labolas (3)

    Hasted Evolution, Yamigedo (4) (Buddy)

    Count Dawn (1)

    Ghostly Spirit Yamigedo (2)

    Explosive Claw, Raiko (4)

    Gedo Shield (4)

    Yamitagae (4)

    Corrupted Fuchigami (3)

    Gedoshoki (3)

    Reinforced Formation (3)

    Cataclysmic Invasion (2)

    No-Brainer (2)

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  • John Bryan Ramon

    Why is it that when i downloaded the full version of the official Buddyfight Area 1.05 and extract it, i cannot use the log in option like it's just some sort of update or something. Anybody else have this problem?

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  • Kojiro Kojima

    Size 3: 4 Grangadez (Buddy) 3 Devilgadez 2 Gadelgoamer 1 Death Asmodai Size 0: 4 Eighth Omni Duel Dragon, Zubanell 3 Eighth Omni Duel Dragon, Speardos 1 Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn Items: 4 Eighth Omni Spear, Stormthrust 3 Infinite Armament, Dangerous Cradle 2 Hundred Demons' Spear, Onikuzushi Spells: 4 Battle Aura Circle 4 Bound Ruler Fist 4 Ritual of Deity Lord Descend 3 Burst Deity Calling Ritual 3 Dangerous REIZI 2 Amassed Spinning Aura 2 Super Strength Replenishment 2 Hazardous Boat

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  • Kojiro Kojima

    Buddy: Armorknight Iblis Size 0: 1x Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn Size 1: 4x Armorknight Werewolf 2x Armorknight Tiger "A" Size 2: 4x Tyrant Cerberus 4x Armorknight Buster Cerberus "A" Size 3: 4x Armorknight Iblis 2x Armorknight Demon "A" Impact: 3x GIGA Armorknight Cerberus "A" Item: 4x Descending Ruinous Deity, Hibakara 2x Fang Spear Axe, Ogar Demon Slay Spell: 4x Battle Aura Circle 4x Shadow Crusader 3x Burst Deity Calling Ritual 3 Armor Reuse 2x Super Strength Replenishment 2x Amassed Spinning Aura 2x Hazardous Boat

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  • Oshan Buruu

    Size 3:

    2 Duel Jaeger Dynamite

    1 Duel Jaeger, Revolted

    2 Duel Jaeger "God Vortis"

    4 Duel Jeager, "Ocean" (Buddy)

    2 Duel Jaeger Maximal Resistance

    2 Great Pirate, Captain Kaido

    Size 2:

    4 Healing Rin

    Size 1:

    4 Badguy Moto

    2 Nocurve Sei

    Size 0:

    4 Gogo Gou


    4 Stout Wrist Cap


    4 Dragon Emperor Legend

    4 Divine Dragon Creation

    4 Golden Dragon Iron Wall

    4 Reflection Dragon Moon

    3 Dragonic Determination

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  • AtanZeko


    Though as it is right now two players have been dominating the fields like they were some kind of protagonist or something XD

    But don't let that daunt any of the rest of ya! The point of this tourney was to have fun and as long as everyone did then everything I've done so far was a success!

    Congrats to all who have stayed so far and participated! Now before I reveal the match-ups for Round 5, I shall explain the rules to ya in greater detail! (One Final Time)

    This is how it'll go, it'll be a Round Robin style Tournament, meaning the number of players does not matter and e…

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  • Kuroxander

    (Updated the post with pictures)

    Disclaimer: All of it are just my opinion from play testing done and my personal bias towards a play style so there may be some points which are disagreeable with you or I may have overlooked something or even misinterpret what the cards do or made a mistake, if so I would like to know your opinion in the comments on others ways that the deck can be run or what mistakes I made in this blog post so that it can be corrected and improved. Also the deck list provided should be treated as sample of a competitive enough deck list and were created based on play testing done and my personal preferences so feel free to add or remove and change it around to suit your play style. It can also be used just to analyze on …

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  • Roxasofmalice

    Hello there, I know I don’t talk much here anymore, but my name is Marie. I used to work on Wikia until life and bad friendships are making me a lot more anti-social. I want to try and talk more, or at least a bit. I feel useless a lot since I can never really help the people I truly can care for, so to make me have to be more social, I am introducing a Meme that I believe will be a WORLD PREMIERE to the buddyfight world. Akatsuki

    Yes, Akatsuki, the little brother of Zanya and that kid who no one really remembers has a deck named after him. Its pretty simple to see and I find it funny to see how others have not seen it. According to the Wikia`s own rules of Archetypes, two Criteria must be fulfilled. Critieria 1 is to have “AT LEAST” Two mo…

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