• Jakway

    Knights are getting a surprising amount of support in Rainbow Striker, most notably a new pair of items: Glory Sword, Order Edge and Glory Shield, Order Guard. While Glory Shield sacrifices the ability to kill monsters that other Knight items have, it's damage reduction and defense stat allows Knights to stay alive amidst the swarm of Prism Dragons and Thunder Empires. Glory Sword picks up the offensive slack with a non-negateable attack and ten thousand effective power, allowing for both easy wallbreaking and damage pushing. With the new Knight monsters, I finally have a reason to build around them instead of splashing a few cards into my Adventurer deck. With that said,

    The deck is fairly simple: play the sword and shield, and then beat y…

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  • Robot Victor Chang

    Flag - Legend World

    Buddy - Laevatinn


    2 Mumyo

    1 Successor Mukuro

    1 Omni Mukuro

    3 Red Arthur

    4 Alwidol


    3 Castle Camelot

    2 Holy Grail

    4 Hero Tales

    4 Eluned's Ring

    2 Darkness Rune


    4 Laevatinn

    4 Gymnir Staff

    2 Silver Givson


    3 King Durendal

    1 Joyeuse

    1 Caladbolg

    1 Ekzaks

    1 Mistilteinn

    1 Dainselif

    1 Almace

    1 Naegling

    1 Balmung

    I know it hasn't even been a day yet, and we still don't have the skills for all the new stuff... but I went ahead and decided on building it anyways. 

    This deck is... really fun. The turn ones when you draw into Laevatinn and enough gauge accel are honestly the best.  

    Monsters are all Transforms, bar Alwidol because of her discard effect. Mukuros and Red Arthurs for the doubleattack/restand and Mumyo for being a 6k…

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  • Mcb172

    Deck help: Gemclone.

    October 11, 2017 by Mcb172

    So, gemclone. 

    I have played with it a bit on the OTA sim, but I can't seem to win with it, and if I do, its a very long and drawn out win. 

    However, as bad a build it is, part of me really wants to build a deck that can get the origin breaker combo relatively well, and do what Gemclone is supposed to do. 

    I was wondering if anyone had help on how to build the deck. I currently don't have a decklist at the moment, but I have some of the impact monsters I use: 

    Bal Dragon, "Bal Burst Smasher!!" 

    Jackknife, "Galactical Punisher!" 

    Drum Bunker Dragon, "Drill Ram Buster Break!"

    I also use fake knight legion and possibly fake lord riddle phantom, depends if I have room, which I typically dont. 

    Anyway, any advice for a Gemclone deck? I know not having …

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  • SirLudXVI

    Jankiest Winner

    October 9, 2017 by SirLudXVI

    A really janky deck that won a BCS Autumn Circuit Regionals. It even beat Neo Zwei and AbyGaen. It might seem scattered, but that's due to the focus on Menjo Hakase, which gets better the more attributes the deck has, and the less there are of each attribute. Just wanted to share this since it's proof that a non-meta deck can not just beat top decks, but also win tourneys.

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  • ArmorDragoWizardDrum

    Soooo, hey there everyone. Lousy blogs and editing here, so bear with me. Just found out that due to Hurricane, Irma, the tournament that was going to be in Jacksonville is ACTUALLY IN FREAKING GEORGIA NOW. So, after thinking that the tournaments would be gone forever, they pull a fast one on me and bring it to this location. This brings me to my question, "Should I actually go?" I'm completely unprepared and sold a good amount of cards, but I sorta want to go. I don't want it to just be a waste though, so any thoughts on what to do with, only.... 2 weeks to prepare?

    Do I just run Thunder Empire and go for the win or whatever lel.

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  • LeoHellstorm

    A final goodbye...

    October 8, 2017 by LeoHellstorm

    Wow... looking around on here it's almost become a ghost town...

    Well as the title suggests this blog post is a goodbye, to both the members of the wiki, and to the game.

    I've played this game since it's release in the UK (well I was a few weeks late but you get the point) and over the course of the 4 years of it's existance it has slowly become less and less like the game I fell in love with, which has been more apperent this year than any other. With the massive powercreep from the X series each game has become one of two things: A beatdown rush which is normally over within the first 3-4 turns, or a slow dragged out game that can last what feels like a life time. Decks are generic and contain a massive list of staples so much so that I wo…

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  • Kuroxander

    Welcome to another guide/review/sample deck list. Today, as I’ve done before for Blade Beast, Knight, Oni Assassin, Adventurers and drop zone centric DK in my previous blog posts, I will try my best to explain Guardians’ play style and help you all build a Guardian deck that can evenly match against meta decks while hoping to get you interested in the deck with a reviewy/ guide like manner because I currently got too much free time I really like the deck. Another reason is that the deck has received really amazing supports in the fully spoiled X-BT03 that makes the deck more fun and better than before. Guardians has a fun playing style and their card artworks are amazing and I would really like to share them with you all in hope that you al…

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  • Robot Victor Chang

    SDW Deck

    October 6, 2017 by Robot Victor Chang

    Flag - Star Dragon World

    Buddy - Fourth Dimension, Moebius

    4x Fourth Dimension, Moebius

    46x Dragonarms, Schroedinger


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  • Kanonas Katharterio

    Demios Sword (2)

    Death Sickle "Calvary" (2)

    Lord Demios (4)

    Geist Demios (4)

    Demios Sword Dragon (2)

    Demios Sword Early (4)

    Necropalm Dragon (4)

    Grudge Arrow Dragon (4)

    Eval Grebe Dragon (2)

    Demon's Rapier Dragon (2)

    Needle Claw Dragon (3)

    We Traverse the Blood-soaked Demonic Path (4)

    Midnight Shadow (3)

    Purgatory Sorcery, Blood Oath Formation (4)

    We Are Immortal (3)

    Purgatory Knights, Forever (3)

    Genocide Punisher!! (2)

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  • TheMan2014


    September 26, 2017 by TheMan2014

    Hi everyone recently I have to decide between the two card games I play them being Cardfight and Buddyfight to drop cardfight and concentrate on buddyfight. So what's the best way to celebrate this event by playing a new deck, which is unique but gets lots of generic support Water. As I'm trying to get into the community more I decided to ask one of you great people to build the deck for me, please? (Ps. I can play the game but I can't build a good deck at all). Sound out in the comments if you are interested extra note this deck should be completed after the next set is released.

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