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  • Groszekace


    April 25, 2017 by Groszekace

    Hey world! This is Groszekace and im tuning in with my first blog on BF regarding my decks for this game. Got a few wich i think they work fine but you can decide yourself. I have no ide how to create deck tampes or how to finde one so im doing my decks in table. 

    "It is time to fulfill our contract. Assamble in the name of our pact! Luminize, Hellish Pact!"

    Hellish Pact
    Monster Spell Item Impact

    Flag: Darkness Dragon World x1

    Buddy: Purgatory Knights Ruler, Lord Demios x1

    Size 0: Crossbow Dragon x4

    Size 1: Anger Hand Dragon x2

    Paindagger Dragon x3

    Eval Grebe Dragon x4

    Size 2: Lord Demios x4

    Gairahm Lance Dragon x4

    Size 3: Death Sickle "Calvary" x3

    Crush that Body, and Sustain Mine x3

    Black Dragon Shield x4

    Purgatory Knights, Forever x3

    We Are Immortal x3 …

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  • LeoHellstorm

    Hey all! So I played at my locals yesterday for the first time in like a month (I think) and there were some new players there a kid who i would guess was maybe 15-16 years old, who had some slight rulings misunderstood but all in all listened to my corrections and was fine to play against, however the other new players was anywhere from 7-12 years old, and he drove me absolutely mad.

    For starters I didn't play him in my warm up matches, so it comes to the 2nd round, and I'm paired up against him. Right off the bat i could tell he hadn't been playing card games for long just by the way he handled the cards, but again thats fine, everyone starts somewhere right? So we start the game and I can't remember exactly waht happened but he was very …

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  • Dreamergirl3000

    Hey all! It's been a while and this is nothing special, but I just wanted to ask anyone who's still around if they know of a good, updated BuddyFight simulator since I've just come back from the depths of YuGiOh, and, just like at the start, I have no money, and want to play cards I'll probably never get my hands on. So yes, anyone know anything? (other than maybe TradeCardsOnline, which is something I rarely use, since it keeps not loading on my very very sad browser. -_-")

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  • AtanZeko

    Woooo! My first blog and it's going to be a Tournament!

    Okay, after watching the newest episode of Buddyfight X I got inspired to finally make my own Tournament! The Buddy Ultra Tournament!

    This is how it'll go, it'll be a Round Robin Tournament, meaning the number of players does not matter and everyone will get a chance to fight everyone else. Depending on how many players there will be I will randomly put you all into an even number of Brackets and from there the Brackets will compete Round Robin style. Then the winner of each Bracket will then compete against each other in Elimination style to determine the Ultimate Buddyfighter among them all!

    Rules will be expected to change with updates over time as I figure this out more

    Alright, to si…

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  • SkyAzurePhoenix

    Welp, accidentally pressed enter. Need to stop doing that.

    Guess I'm obligated to do this now.

    The game that takes place in H Episode 27 is between Suzuha Amanosuzu and Noboru Kodo, an uncommon matchup between Magic World and Dungeon World. This episode debuted the new 《Knight》 archetype along with a new Great Spell: Auld Lang Syne.

    Now, at first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Suzuha astonishes everyone by resetting her life to 10, only to be blown away by Noboru's 12 damage impact.

    However, there is a problem. How exactly did the anime get to that point? If you closely follow the actions animated in the show, you'll notice that the math does not add up. The discussions I had with others at the time of airing forced a question: how…

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  • Drum bunker's buddy

    Hi guys, this is an idea that i am working about a power ranger’s style hero world series.

    When i was playing one of my favorite decks of hero world, captain answer(quartet five variation), it occurred to me to make a series, like power rangers(except not too many teens).

    i came as far as drawing a new variation of all the rangers, till that they all look similar ,yet have their very own style. I am thinking of adding all the characters involved in the hero world. 

    The heroes mostly comprise of the rescue dragons and the quartet-5 and some brave machines lead by their leader, the man who answers to justice, captain answer.

    the antagonists comprise of a team called THE VARIABLES( get it, since math).the variables include the dark hero…

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  • EHeroMatty

    Indeed, Batzz!! It's the beginning of my "Dragon World Trio Heroes" Artickles!! where I talk about everyone's favorite infamous World that always gets support but we deal with it, "Dragon World" and talking about the trio Gao used for now!

    Believe it or not, there's dozens of ways to make "Thunder Empire" BUT!! we are focusing on the "Batzz" Build for now! So strap in your "Buttz" and here we go!

    THESE, are your best tools of this deck, where Arc Dragon Shield lets you pay 1 gauge to draw 1 and even negate an attack!! Where Arc Dragon Sword is a really great item that prevents destruction of it as well as giving your cards a buff!!

    Use these, and much more to triumph among your opponent and kick buttz!!

    You'll have a lot of Batzz Monsters at y…

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  • Malik12216

    I made this blog for people to share their encounters with toxic win-hungry players. 

    it has to be a game which you didn't win.

    well here's my story.....

    I raged against one player who was completely toxic.

    he was using Zetta, and I was using dragon knights.

    it was on tco his deck was private mine wasn't so he could see the deck before challenging me.

    turn 2 which was his turn he had the resources to OTK me.

    so what he does is talk crap and freaking plays around with his cards when he has my life at 1 and one card that's ready to finish me.

    so I spoke my mind and rage quit.

    what I said was.

    "you know I'm tired of you freaking pieces of garbage who come on this game and challenge players who have a complete disadvantage against your deck just to get …

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  • RaijinSenshi19

    ((Been a while since I last made an article like this. This is something I should have brought on much earlier, it is, finally.

    Thank you for taking time to read this article. I will see you all again soon.))

    During the second half of Triple D, there was a huge upset in terms of the yearly gimmick suddenly changing entirely, something that is pretty much unheard of in the realm of card games. What happened, you may ask? Well, the focus and main selling point of Triple D was the introduction of Impact Monsters. Souped-up monsters that could be played like impacts, not only acting as a better balancing and finishing factor than the regular impacts in the past, but also providing the game with a new breath of fresh air and allowing d…

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  • EHeroMatty

    Soul Steal Tournament

    April 10, 2017 by EHeroMatty

    Greetings, today I bring you a Special Tournament where you get to participate with a special ruling: Buddy Soul Summon!!

    Buddy Soul Call: You obtained a Power like no other, the power to Absorb Buddy Monsters of your opponent's that have fallen to your might!

    You win buddies and are able to use them at your command as well as when you obtain them, you are allowed to gain more "Buddy Gifts"! That's right!! You get more life through the buddies you've "absorbed" and, all buddies you absorbed are allowed in your deck at 4 maximum, however, when you draw it, you are able BUDDY CALL them!! However, you can't buddy call again as long as you have a "Buddy" Monster out already, unless you place 1 from your hand, and replace the one on field with ea…

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