• ShadowEyepatch

    So I asked around to see what cards people wanted "Lostorize"-d and someone told me, 😂 Garcat  Not sure if they meant it as a meme, but I illustrated it 😂😊 I couldn't decide on the aura colour in the background since red seemed cool, but green seemed to fit it cause of the red while the purple one looks nice but doesn't give it that "LOST WORLD" Vibe... 😭 Which do you guys think is the best colour to go with Garcat and what should this card do? (Also Commissions open 😊)

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  • ShadowEyepatch

    To begin, I just want to mention that flag designing (Skill wise)  is not my forte 😭😭 But for this one, I did my homework and made it based off of Dragon Ein, Zwei, The Thunder Empror's fangs and The CHAOS flags. The design of the flag is based off of 2 things: 1) Infinite from SONIC FORCES and 2) The CHAOS. Any improvements or recommendations (for both the art or even the skill) are greatly appreciated 😊😊 For now, this card might be a one time thing, BUT MAYBE like my "Parasite Catastrophe" cards that I'm still continuing (slowly though cause right now I'm about to enter my final exam period...), I might make more support for this. Also I thought I would mention that I'm open for commissions if anyone wants 😊 

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  • InfiniteDarkness0

    Field BFA Custom

    December 4, 2018 by InfiniteDarkness0

    So is this good or bad, cause its my first time making this thing so yeah

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  • KrystalLBX

    Buddyfight Discord

    December 2, 2018 by KrystalLBX

    Brand new one

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    November 29, 2018 by SOULARCHER20

    Um, Hi. I'm SOULARCHER20. If you would like me to give useful tips on cards, or write battle flow in the anime episodes, just ask me. Don't worry, I'm just a nice guy who loves Buddyfight. Even if I don't win that many matches, I want Buddyfight to continue on as a very successful franchise, and I want to help in any way I can. So if you want tips on cards, ask me and I'll try my best to help. 

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  • RyuuseiR3

    Taken from here and Dimension Razor's Q&A.
    Please tell me if there are some mistake.

    1. Thunder X Flash

    • Q: Can you choose a 《Thunder Empire》 monster that cannot be destroyed (like Batzz)?
    • A: Yes.

    After (Q1740):
    • Q: Can you choose a 《Thunder Empire》 monster that cannot be destroyed?
    • A: No. You can only choose a monster that can be destroy.

    Note: Even you cannot choose a monster on your field and destroy, you can still destroy a card on your opponent's field if you can choose it.

    2. Judgment of the Evil Deity Dragon

    • Q: Can you draw a card if you're choosing a monster that cannot be destroyed?
    • A: If that monster is still on the field after processing the destroying effect, yes.

    After (Q1965):
    • Q: Can you choose a monster that ca…

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  • RyuuseiR3

    S Climax Booster

    October 17, 2018 by RyuuseiR3

    These names are just a temporary right now so I'll post them in this blog until we get a proper name

    Release date: February 2nd (JP)
    Cards: (BR: 2 / SP: 4 / RRR: 8/ RR: 12/ R: 18/ U: 30) + 2 types of secret pack.

    1. 友牙 & ガルガ (仮) (Yuga and Garga Pack)

    • World: Dragon World, Danger World, Magic World, Katana World, Ancient World, Dungeon World, Darkness Dragon World, Hero World, and Star Dragon World,
    • More supports for Deity Dragon Tribe, Astrodragon, Linkdragon Order, Godpunk, Electrodeity, Folktale, Cosmoman, etc

    2. 乱魔 & ヴァニティ (仮) (Ranma and Vanity Pack)

    • World: Dragon World, Magic World, Katana World, Ancient World, Darkness Dragon World, Legend World, Star Dragon World, and Lost World
    • More supports for Dimension Dragon, Dragonblood Sect, Bladedancer, D…

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  • Azurain123

    Drametal fancards!

    September 25, 2018 by Azurain123

    It's actually been such a long time since I've been hyped about any Buddyfight deck (from the art to the flavor of the cards) and quite frankly I'd love these guys to at least be competitive in their own right. Here are some ideas that have been floating around in my head that I don't think are too ridiculous at least in the current Ace format, let me know what are your guy's opinions are on them! :)

    Pawn : Blu Sword

    Size 0

    This card cannot be called unless you control another "Drametal" monster.
    [Counter] (Act) While this card is on the field when one of your other "Drametal" cards would be destroyed, you may drop this card and nullify that card's destruction.

    Rook : Verde Shield

    Size 1

    [Counter] (Act) "Oppress" During your…

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  • ShadowEyepatch

    CHAOS Negulbalz

    September 13, 2018 by ShadowEyepatch

    So to start this off, I'll be posting more and more art on the wiki for fan cards that i have created. I made a CHAOS version of "Void Omni Wicked Lord, Negulbalz". He seemed really cool as far as the original art goes, so I wanted to make a version of him that seemed equally epic! Also I decided to add all the steps it took me to get to the final product!

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  • Thuang14

    TO BEGIN WITH: This deck clearly will not be, nor is not supposed to be, in any way, meta. It will however be very fun to wield >:D. Since I am not sure where to go, I would like to ask for you guys' help with this. For starters, I'm thinking of using Dragon Zwei over Dragon Ein (The only 2 flags which could possible use all 3, with Jamjama and Batz Overthrow being the 2 big restrictors.) Any help is appreciated! Thanks :D

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