• RyuuseiR3

    S Climax Booster

    October 17, 2018 by RyuuseiR3

    These names are just a temporary right now so I'll post them in this blog until we get a proper name

    Release date: February 2nd (JP)
    Cards: (BR: 2 / SP: 4 / RRR: 8/ RR: 12/ R: 18/ U: 30) + ? Secrets.

    1. Yuga and Garga Pack

    • World: Dragon World, Danger World, Magic World, Katana World, Ancient World, Dungeon World, Darkness Dragon World, Hero World, and Star Dragon World,
    • More supports for Deity Dragon Tribe, Astrodragon, Linkdragon Order, Godpunk, Electrodeity, Folktale, Cosmoman, etc

    2. Ranma and Vanity Pack

    • World: Dragon World, Magic World, Katana World, Ancient World, Darkness Dragon World, Legend World, Star Dragon World, and Lost World
    • More supports for Dimension Dragon, Dragonblood Sect, Bladedancer, Drametal, etc
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  • RyuuseiR3

    Since some of their name and status are unreadable and I don't want to guess them so I'll post them here just for now.

    1. Balle Soleil
    [Call Cost] [Put one or more monsters from your field into its soul & Pay 3 gauge]
    If this card has souls, damage you take are reduced by 2, and it gets power+4000, defense+4000
    At the start of each player's attack phase, nullify all abilities of a monster on your opponent's center and destroy it.
    [Triple Attack] [Soulguard]

    2. Friendship Omni Lord, Burn Nova

    3. Demon Lord Once More! Asmodai

    4. Abygale
    [Call Cost] [Put a 《Black Dragon》 from your drop zone into its soul & Pay 1 gauge]
    All 《Black Dragon》 [Set] on your field cannot be destroyed, nor returned to hand by your opponent's card effects.
    When this card is dest…

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  • Azurain123

    Drametal fancards!

    September 25, 2018 by Azurain123

    It's actually been such a long time since I've been hyped about any Buddyfight deck (from the art to the flavor of the cards) and quite frankly I'd love these guys to at least be competitive in their own right. Here are some ideas that have been floating around in my head that I don't think are too ridiculous at least in the current Ace format, let me know what are your guy's opinions are on them! :)

    Pawn : Blu Sword

    Size 0

    This card cannot be called unless you control another "Drametal" monster.
    [Counter] (Act) While this card is on the field when one of your other "Drametal" cards would be destroyed, you may drop this card and nullify that card's destruction.

    Rook : Verde Shield

    Size 1

    [Counter] (Act) "Oppress" During your…

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  • ShadowEyepatch

    CHAOS Negulbalz

    September 13, 2018 by ShadowEyepatch

    So to start this off, I'll be posting more and more art on the wiki for fan cards that i have created. I made a CHAOS version of "Void Omni Wicked Lord, Negulbalz". He seemed really cool as far as the original art goes, so I wanted to make a version of him that seemed equally epic! Also I decided to add all the steps it took me to get to the final product!

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  • Thuang14

    TO BEGIN WITH: This deck clearly will not be, nor is not supposed to be, in any way, meta. It will however be very fun to wield >:D. Since I am not sure where to go, I would like to ask for you guys' help with this. For starters, I'm thinking of using Dragon Zwei over Dragon Ein (The only 2 flags which could possible use all 3, with Jamjama and Batz Overthrow being the 2 big restrictors.) Any help is appreciated! Thanks :D

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  • Echo751

    So I was wondering what Deities ya'll thought would be part of the deities that Garga mentioned, this means both what cards already exsist and what potential attributes they might cover since Garga is the Deity of Combat.

    My first guess would be both Balle Soleil and Azi Dahaka could be part of this, as well as Yamigedo being one as well.  Though knowing Bushi, all of them(or at least most) will be new monsters.

    But I want to here what everyone thinks about there being a group of Deities that have been around since the formation of the worlds.

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  • Tiporax

    Knight Deck Help Wanted

    August 25, 2018 by Tiporax

    So a friend was asking me if I could make a buddyfight deck for him since I've developed a reputation for building decks in the group I play with online, and I figured a knight deck would be a good start to get him interested since he has a large background in RPG games. problem is, it's been a while since I've built for Buddyfight, so I'm a bit rusty. After a few days of build, test, tinker, repeat, I've ended up with the following list:



    Deflection X4

    Divine Protection of Shalsana X4

    Encouragement of the White Veil X4

    Hawkeye X4

    Merit Awards Ceremony​ X4

    Mission Card "Earn Experience Points!" X4

    Pillar of Fire X4


    Shield of Glory, Order Guard X4

    Sword of Glory, Order Edge X4


    Full Strash Formation X4


    'Size 1':

    Knight of…

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  • HoshiNeko

    A Deck Building Question

    August 20, 2018 by HoshiNeko

    Hi, I'm HoshiNeko, I play a lot of CFV but I've off-and-on again dabbled with Buddyfight. I'm sure people have seen me comment at some point, but I felt it was appropriate to introduce myself because I never made a blog here before. I hope to get along with everyone.

    Now, I've got a question about deck building.  You know how the TDs, SDs, and Special Series decks tend to have about half or more of the cards as monsters? I was wondering why a lot of decklists I've seen on Freedomduo only have about 17 monsters.

    Is that good, is it reliable, I'm assuming most of them are using a ton of draw spells and searchers but it seems strange to me. Is that what decks should look like? I never really did much deck building and mostly played casual games…

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  • Kyledude788

    Hi, so I made my own custom archetype known as "Dragonborne". But, I put it in the fanon wikia since there's a lot of them.

    Feel free to check it out and give your opinion on it.

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  • Thuang14

    Hello, I am trying to build Caardians, and really, have no where to start. I have really never built a Superhero deck, and haven't played against one in a while. Please help, even if they are not that good or are straight up awful now, I would like help making a semi-workable deck. Thanks, and see you around the wiki~

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