• KrystalLBX

    So my predictions for the plot at the start of Ace summarized

    Our little Youtuber Yuga is doing a pack opening livestream for his subscribers  when all of a sudden he pulls a buddy rare (which of course the chat goes wild and several buddyfight emotes spam the live chat) this pull being Garga.  Yuga shows his father Gao (mother is off screen, not even mentioned to tease the audience on who his mother could be) that he just pulled a buddy rare. Garga, annoyed thinks "Why did I have to be paired up with some kid?" but then realizes he is in the presence of the offspring of the Great Sun Fighter the hero of the many worlds and current holder of Gargantua Punisher and decides maybe it won't be so bad hanging with the kid for awhile".

    Next day Yu…

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  • KrystalLBX

    First I must address Sun Messiah's Son (puns) and the new impact he is using and his buddy

    Ace Gargantua Punisher


    Requires empty center on both side and opponent to be at 5 or less life and for you to have a Dragod

    2 gauge

    Deals 5, cannot reduce, cannot null

    (but they can revive)

    Attributes are dragod and true dragon tribe

    Garga is a doozy, it evolves after it attacks with a skill and can be used in all worlds (Attribute, dragod and true dragon tribe)

    it's evolutions do things when evolved by said skill

    and it's minions are true dragon tribe, not dragods. Also these things make TE look balanced

    Now for stuff not Sun Son related

    Celestial dragons: Placement focused closed center SDW deck

    Dragobond Brigaid: Has a skill called D share, all monsters…

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  • RaijinSenshi19

    Hello fellow Buddyfighters, Raijin here with a PSA regarding 3 new rules added to the game.

    They were revealed in CoroCoro which is currently being leaked at the moment (cards come later when I get time to sit down and add them, or someone else does)

    The first rule change is this:

    "The player who has priority/goes first, gets to draw on their first turn"

    EXPLANATION: You get to draw a card on the first turn now

    The second reads as follows:

    "While in battle, both players can now use Counters an indefinite amount of times"

    EXPLANATION: You can now use as many counters as you want while attacking. Not 5 cards in the same chain, but start multiple ones.

    The third and last change:

    "You can only gain one additional turn in a row"

    EXPLANATION: If you use G…

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  • EHeroMatty

    The Ace Cup

    May 11, 2018 by EHeroMatty

    Hello everyone!!

    I dunno if anyone was aware, but! I was recently added as a Content Moderator.

    So, I'd like to give my thanks to this Wiki by holding the first "Ace Cup"!!

    This tournament will last an entire 2 weeks. And the registrations will be paired up and then up with eachother in sepetate 2/3 matches, set up by each contender Messaging eachother through discord or The wiki as they set a time they can both agree on and fight that day. Winners will report to me or my two following judges your scores or rulings questions:

    Cross#3914 = Discord
    Xcrushers = Wikia username

    TomTell#7783 = Discord

    Please sign up here or PM me on discord:

    EHeroMatt#4037 = Discord

    There will be no side decks and you may switch decks inbetween Rounds. All games as state…

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  • FutureKnightX

    New generation means new look, folks! Here is what I want for the wiki over the next couple of months:

    • New logo-That one's been there for years. We're due for a new one. Any user that makes the new logo that we choose will get credit on the front page!
    • New theme-Again, it's been here for years. What color scheme/background image would you guys like? If it's fan art, we need permission of the artist. If we do wind up using one, we will give them credit on the front page.
    • Card Table-Changing up the looks wouldn't hurt, but we will have to alter this anyways due to the new Irregulars List. We will need to put a card's status on there as part of the info. We may also get a new mechanic when Ace starts. What other alterations would you guys like t…
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  • SkyAzurePhoenix

    The list just dropped. BuddySpoiler has the info on their front page coming from the JP site.

    To quote them:

    The official Buddyfight "Irregular List" applies starting June 2nd in Japan. We'll update when English info comes out!

    Applicable to all Flags:

    • [Banned] Professor Menjo
    • [Banned] Chaos Death Tallica
    • [Limited to 1] Gambit

    Applicable to the Chaos:

    • [Banned] Ladis the Chaos
    • [Limited to 1] Launch the Autodeity
    • [Limited to 1] Machining Sacrifice
    • [Limited to 1] Genome Upgrader, Geargod 1000
    • [Limited to 1] Full Mechrystal Dragon, Zindo Beta

    Applicable to Thunder Emperor's Fangs:

    • [Limited to 1] Connect Ninja, Tomonoshin
    • [Limited to 1] Loud Voice
    • [Limited to 1] The Fighters' Oath
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  • Trollmonkey2004

    Hi so im really interested in building some buddyfight decks but i cant really afford them, ive decided to make some counterfeit cards. They dont have to be professional as i dont play in tournaments and i only play for the fun of it. Any ideas how to make one?

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  • Mcb172

    Back at it again, first gemclone and now this. 

    so, i was told by someone on discord that they were able to equip up to 15 items with their lae deck. my lae deck at the moment only averages at about 7 items, so i rebuilt it with the other person's tips and am still stuck with the same result. so i figured i need some more help with my deck, since i'm pretty lost at this point. 

    heres the decklist: 

    laevateinn x5

    trishula x2

    excalibur replica x4

    beast laevateinn x2 

    caladbolg x2 

    hovd x3

    nagelring x2 

    zulfiqar x2

    immortal durandal x3 

    minyas treasure room x2 

    sword of the king scabbard x2 

    forbidden, savage form! x2 

    bloody holy grail x4 

    shield of achilles x2 

    fable of the sword sage x2 

    infallible blade wall x3

    heroic tale x4 

    symbel gard x2 

    one who leads x3…

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  • EHeroMatty

    Greetings everyone!

    tonight we've seen that buddyfight is getting a tournament restriction list after May 7th 2018 and I'd actually would like to discuss your thoughts on this and discuss theories on what cards you all would like to see on this list?

    Please give a good reason and be sensable in your judgement when doing that.

    Thank you and here's the source and remember, don't bash on people's choices. explain your own thoughts and opinions on why you disagree and don't take it too far! Thanks!

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  • Knight12

    Hello! I recently decided that Darkheroes and Omni Lords actually blend very well, so I decided to make a deck utilizing both of their respective strengths. Please rate this as I would like to hear all the feedback necessary. Here's the deck:


    Hero World


    Schwarz "SD"


    1x Amazing Skill Beast Lord, Ziun

    1x Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu

    1x Fifth Omni Super Dragon Sky Emperor, Mugen Drum

    1x Fist Emperor of Manliness, Burn Nova

    1x Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova

    1x Immortal Sage Lord, Count Dawn

    1x INV Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crazed Tenbu

    1x INV Second Omni Demon Lord, Death Asmodai

    4x Invincible Shadow Lord, Mukuro

    3x Mukuro's Shadow, Schwarz

    4x Schwarz "SD"

    3x Shadow Hero, Weiss

    1x Tumultuous Omni Lord, Ziun


    3x ... Or So the Dream I had…

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