English: Black Beast Battle Arts
Kana: 黒獣闘法
Phonetic: こくじゅうとうほう
Type: Spell
World: Danger World
Attribute: Battle Aura / Executioners
Illust: ロクシロコウシ
Flavor Text:
Hehehe, it's time to wake up…… The power of the black beast, slumbering within me!
Ability / Effect:
Choose and use one of the following two.
• Put the top four cards of your deck into your drop zone.
• [Counter] Choose an 《Executioners》 monster in battle, and for this battle, give it power+2000, defense+2000, and [Counterattack]! Then, if you have fifteen or more cards in your drop zone, for this battle, give it power+2000 and defense+2000!!!
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