The usually strong monsters get an infinite power-up with armor and weapons! They are known as the Armorknight Monsters!

—Armorknight Red Dragon's flavor


"Armorknight" (アーマナイト Āmanaito) is an attribute given to cards themed around heavy armory, in addition to several monsters being themed after creatures from various folklores. It is currently unique to Danger World.

Although almost all monsters in this attribute have "Armorknight" in their card names, it should not be confused with it being an Archetype.


Armorknights focus on beatdown strategies using monsters with higher than average stats, several of which sacrifice other monsters as costs for their abilities and call costs.

They get rewards from having the center area open and/or having 5 Life or less, and have a strong focus on the player having an Item equipped and making that item more powerful, often by adding cards to its soul.

List of Sets Containing Armorknight Cards

List of Armorknight Cards




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Impact Monsters

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Dual Monsters


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List of Support Cards

List of Attributes
72 PillarsAbsolute SwordAcademyAdventurerArmordragonArmorknightArtAsgardAssassinationBattle AuraBattle Deity RoboBattleshipBlack DragonBlack KnightBlade BeastBlue DragonBody BlowBraveBrave MachineBuddyBuddyfightChaosChargeChessConstructCosmo DragoonCounterCreationCrew TrooperDarkheroDarknessDeathDeepDefenseDeityDemon LordDemon SlayDemon WayDemonic BeastDestructionDisasterDragonDragon Chief EmperorDragon KnightDragon LordDragonarmsDrawDuel DragonDungeon EnemyDungeon MasterEarthEnhanceExecutionersFairyFireFire PowerGeniusGetGhostGold/Golden DragonGreen DragonGuardiansHeroHomemade Buddy Battle VideosHundred DemonsJapanese BladeKnightLandLegendLightMagic PowerMascotMonkMoveNeodragonNew SeriesNinjaNinja ArtsNullOfficial Strongest SupporterOlympusOni AssassinPearPrism DragonProfessorPuddingQuartet FiveRaging SpiritsRecoveryRed DragonRide-ChangerRuneSecret SwordShadow ShadeShieldShinsengumiSkull WarriorSoldierSpellStaffStarSummonSunSun DragonSuperheroSuperheroineTakoyakiTarotTeam GMTerrainThiefThunder EmpireToiletTrapTV AnimeTyrantUndeadWarriorWaterWeaponWhite DragonWild DragonWindWizardWydar Sarkal

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