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"Ancient World" (エンシェントWワールド Enshento Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. It is themed mainly around dragons which often are Deity-like and/or organic in appearance. The card frame resembles a stone wall with several cracks to make it appear to be very old.


Ancient World features a "boss mode" playstyle by using very powerful size 3 monsters the whole game to overwhelm the opponent, making it difficult for the opponent to attack the player directly. Each of its main attributes have their own variations on the World's "boss mode" theme.

Dragon Lords typically focus on one extremely powerful monster in the center that protects the player for the entire game. In some cases, Dragon Lords may gain additional strength when close to death or outright "evolve" to stronger forms upon being destroyed. To help support this playstyle, many of their size 1 and 2 monsters have abilities that activate by discarding themselves when the player controls a size 3 monster.

Wild Dragons tend to rush down the opponent with a strong variety of monsters with different sizes. Size 3 monsters are used to begin the assault, finish off the opponent, or replenish the player's resources for another all-out assault. Several of their size 3 monsters activate their effects by discarding other Wild Dragons.

The Raging Spirits focus on redirecting attacks to their size 3 monsters to safely leave the center area open and use items without being left vulnerable to direct attacks. This is usually supplemented with a size 0 on the left or right that acts as additional support for the player or the size 3 Raging Spirits.

The Dragon Chief Emperors focus on keeping their size 3 monsters in the center and strategically defending them. They are capable of bringing forth more powerful forms when their size 3 monsters have no more soul left and have an adequate number of Dragon Chief Emperor cards in the drop zone.

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  • Ancient World was the first World to not receive all card types (in this case, items) in its first support set.

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