Aerial view of Aibo Academy

Aibo Academy (相棒学園 Aibō Gakuen) is the school of the main character, Gao Mikado, as well as many of the supporting characters. It's classes span from elementary to college. It's located in Chō Tokyo's 7th block. The school is reached by taking an escalator from the train station. The academy offers a special Buddyfight course, ranks the fighters in each grade, and has a Buddyfight stadium.

The ABC cup takes place in Aibo Academy every year.

In Episode 47, The Gaen Cup is held at Aibo Academy and in charge of constructing the fighting stage. And Aibo was placed under the ownership of the Gaen Financial Group. After Kyoya was defeated by Gao, he removed all his influence from Aibo Academy.

List of Aibo Academy Staff

List of Students

9th Graders

8th Graders

7th Graders

6th Graders

5th Graders.

4th Graders

3rd Graders


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