"My Festival" is an ASD Diabolic Booster to be released only in Japanese format, and part of the "Future Card Buddyfight ASMODAI★" season.


  • Contains 666 cards (72 BR/? Secret).
  • Includes cards from all current worlds.
  • Each pack includes 6 cards, and each display includes 66 packs.
  • Official price is 6,666 yen.
  • Introduces the "Modai" archetype.

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
D-ASD/0001 Gaomodai & Balmodai Monster Dragon World RRR
D-ASD/0002 Self-styled Buddy Police, Tasumodai Monster Star Dragon World RR
D-ASD/0003 Deck Builder-like, Bakumodai Monster Dragon World YO
D-ASD/0004 Nanchatte Library, Kugumodai Monster Dragon World YO
D-ASD/0005 Mystery-filled Buddy Fighter, Gaimodai Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
D-ASD/0006 Abymodai Wanted to be a Black Death Dragon Monster Darkness Dragon World R
D-ASD/0007 Jackmodai Aspires to be a Star Dragoner Monster Star Dragon World RR
D-ASD/0008 Kyomodai Wants to Change the World Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
D-ASD/0009 Balmodai Could be a Dragon of the Sun Monster Dragon World RRR
D-ASD/0010 Demonic Life Demise Dragon, Azi Modai Monster Darkness Dragon World Secret
D-ASD/??? Demonic Life Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwamodai Item Darkness Dragon World