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One of the 72 Pillars; 32

The 72 Pillars are made up of deities who have lost their people, or angels who had been despised because they loved mankind too deeply.

—Demon Realm Warrior, Zepar's flavor

"72 Pillars" (72 柱 72 hashira) is an attribute given to cards named after the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia.

Sets with 72 Pillars Cards


72 Pillars (in Magic World) mainly rely on rush tactics, often with size 1 Monsters and occasionally reduce Sizes to always have 3 attackers on the field, and sometimes use abilities to call monsters during the Attack Phase to do potentially more than 3 attacks in one turn. Because their monsters tend to be low powered, they use a large variety of effects that can get rid of obstacles that their weaker monsters would struggle to take down on their own. They also have many "on-call" abilities and effects that return monsters to the hand and reuse those abilities.

List of 72 Pillars Cards

Danger World


Size 1

Darkness Dragon World


Size 1
Size 4

Dragon World


Size 1
Size 2

Magic World




Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3

Impact Monsters

Size 2


Star Dragon World


Size 1
Size 2

List of Support Cards

List of Attributes
72 PillarsAbsolute SwordAcademyAdventurerArmordragonArmorknightArtAsgardAssassinationBattle AuraBattle Deity RoboBlack DragonBlack KnightBlade BeastBlue DragonBody BlowBraveBrave MachineBuddyBuddyfightChaosChargeChessConstructCounterCreationDarkheroDarknessDeathDeepDefenseDeityDemon LordDemon SlayDemon WayDemonic BeastDestructionDragonDragon Chief EmperorDragon KnightDragon LordDragonarmsDrawDuel DragonDungeon EnemyDungeon MasterEarthEnhanceExecutionersFairyFireFire PowerGeniusGetGhostGold/Golden DragonGreen DragonGuardiansHeroHomemade Buddy Battle VideosHundred DemonsJapanese BladeKnightLandLegendLightMagic PowerMascotMonkMoveNeodragonNew SeriesNinjaNinja ArtsNullOfficial Strongest SupporterOlympusOni AssassinPearPrism DragonProfessorPuddingQuartet FiveRaging SpiritsRecoveryRed DragonRide-ChangerRuneSecret SwordShadow ShadeShieldShinsengumiSkull WarriorSoldierSpellStaffStarSummonSunSun DragonSuperheroSuperheroineTakoyakiTarotTeam GMTerrainThiefThunder EmpireTrapTV AnimeTyrantUndeadWarriorWaterWeaponWhite DragonWild DragonWindWizardWydar Sarkal

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