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Selling a Azi Dahaka “SYS” for Sg only
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Buddyfight Create Your Own Attribute

World: Legend World
Name of attribute: Dark Woods
Deck name: Darkened Forest
Playstyle: Gaining and discard cards and high chance of one turn victory

Card name: Direwolf Cub
Ability: When this card enter the field you can draw two cards and if there's another {Dark Woods} attribute on your field you can draw two more cards for each {Dark Woods} attribute on your field.
Call cost:1gauge

(Maybe he is a size 0 monster but his evolution is op)
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Buddyfight Create Your Own Attribute!

Create your own attribute amd its playstyle and 1 card from...
Heres mine as a template

World:Hero World
Name:Dark Manipulates

Playstyle:The manipulate ability which allows you to control your opponent monsters.

Size 2
Name:Crazed Oblivion
"Manipulate" At the start of your attack phase,rest this card and 《Manipulate》 an opponent monster,then attack with it
•All manipulated monsters get +2 critical
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Is a item destroyed after the fighter is attacked?
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Custom Luminize Intros

Making fun little custom luminize intros seem fun, so what would be yours?

Seeing as there’s already one for Triangulum Galaxy and abygale I’ll think of a neat one for Variable Cord

...Stars Collide with photons and flares! Release within the rebellious light! Luminize! Draconian Quasar!
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Final phase

Can we use multiple impacts at 1 final phase?
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New world

Hey! I’ve been using star dragon world but I’m getting kinda tired of it I want to change worlds to one that uses a lot of tricks and counter spells have any advice on what world to choose??
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For my garga Katana world deck can I put in tsukikage and byakuya
*(If yes what type of tsukikage card and byakuya cards should I put in)
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I’ve entered this domain.

I expect a silver platter full of marshmallows and some Soda for this celebration

Anyways I don’t wanna get this shit deleted for being off topic or something, so I gotta say S O M E T H I N G about myself and buddyfight

I play astrodragons and death count requiem abygale deck, with the skyseer cross and Overturn abygale as buddys so that’s fun

There happy mods? Cool

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Card translation

Were could I get cards translated or what site because I'm getting a japenese deck and I mean like ALL CARD GAMES
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Im back

Hey guys it is me Ben
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Main phase

If we don’t use cards during that turn does that count there is no main phase?
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If I cast Fire Spell then my opponent nullify that spell, Will Sync skill active or not?
And which skill activate first when fighting bloody eyes, all cards get double or not?
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Is the triple garga deck worth it?

If so which one do you think it best?
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Please give me a deck for free

Can u pls give me a buddy fight deck pls pls
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What do you guys/girls think is the best way to beat this garga decks?

Right im just trying make the garga rest so it cant g evo and i also placed in some nullifying spells in my deck. Hbu?
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!!!Many Thanks!!!

Thanks for the advice on buying the 3 garga decks,its lit af
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Buddyfight is awesome

If you could match up a character and a buddy monster together, who would you like to match up with ?
If I got to Choose, I would go with Yuga and Bal because both of them look like they would be an awesome duo and it's wouldn't hurt to see yuga Impact call animation for Bal Granbolt to finish the game haha haha lol
It's just a little game just for fun
Most likes from others win
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Buddyfight Dark Age Episode:3

Nexon:So its done huh?Show me
Keisutsu:Ipresent 4 tridents to u,however master all the tridents and unlock the 5th one
J Genesis:And mine,i like to call the Central Of Destruction,i will slot it in your deck,you shall find out,in a few matches time
Bolt:Yes sir
Nexon:Find Damien's Blood-Brother,or blood-sister
Bolt:But where?
Nexon:Heres a key,unlock the Gate Of Paradise and find Emma,fight her,if she loses,punish her or ask her to join us,you lose,you get locked in the Phantom Realm
Bolt:Not the Phantom Realm!
Nexon:Then go!

*Paradise Lands*
Emma:A fight ..sure!
Bolt:Ergh...Raise the flag!
Emma:Hero World
Bolt:Parade Of 100 Demon
Bolt:Draw,charge and Draw!Call
Demonic Dragon,Gradieser and then buddy call on top of Grandieser,Festered In The Demon's Lair,Crazed Yamigedo

Yamigedo:I must eat!Devour all!Torture all!
Bolt:Yamigedo has 5souls and 6 Thunder Mines,and so with all Thunder Mines and Yamigedo attacking...Deal 5 damage!!!


Emma:Draw charge amd draw
Buddy Call Healing Angel Lord,Blitz
Lord Blitz,Heal me!

Emma5 + 10 life+1life=16life

Bolt:You buddy called,deal 2dmg


Emma:Destroy Yamigedo Lord Blitz!

Auto destroy that creep!!!

Discard all souls destroy all souls of the Crazed,and then,gain 6 life


Bolt:Draw charge and draw,final turn!
Cast Twisted Charge
Draw 3 cards and gain 1 life

Call! Demonic Rebel Festerer,Twisted Yamigedo
10 souls 20,000 Power
10,000 Defense
3 Critical
Triple Attack!

On top of Yamigedo call!!!
Ultimate Demonic Devourer,Twilight Yamigedo

Infinity Attack
20 Souls
20,000 Defense

22 Thunder mines!!!

Attack Blitz and deal 36 damage to u Emma!!!Hahahahahah!

Emma:Oh no,no,no,i wont join u!

Bolt:Hmph...you try hard,join us or die...

**To Be continued**
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Price of the 3 garga decks impact triple punisher

How much is the latest box of 3 garga decks? I am intending to buy it
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